29 July 2011

*Nomenclature Revolutionary* on *Google Plus*

Perhaps you are curious about what it means to be a *Nomenclature Revolutionary*.

I'd like to tell you.

But it is more fun to show these things to people. Especially people in the *SEO* market.

Here's a couple of links to help out:

"My Sandwich" by Ben McNulty

This story was previously posted on Funny or Die, but appears here as part of a newly created blog to better inform my converged networks of the diverse topics related to my blog.

For freelance writing and editing work, contact me through Google+. Enjoy.

"My Sandwich" by Ben McNulty

“Look at him there. Eating that sandwich. It must be nice having a sandwich of your very own.”

Talking to the television whilst alone was not an uncommon habit of mine. The stinging envy of a man with a sandwich, however, was brand new. He was not eating his sandwich while sitting on the hood of a new Porsche. There was no harem of concubines feeding him one bite after another with dainty fingers. Not a single manservant appeared to do his bidding. There was just a man enjoying a sandwich, and acidic jealousy burned my heart.

“What rites of man has this lord of sandwich accomplished? Why does he enjoy the favor of the creator while I am banished to this eternal suffering? Why does he sit, raising sandwich to mouth, while I sit alone, no sandwich of mine own?”

I apologize for my over-sharing.

  • I was wrong.
  • I am a compulsive over-sharer.
  • I am excitable.
  • I talk myself into trouble.
  • My brain overflows... often.
  • My intentions are good.
  • My actions were misdirected.
  • I regret my inconsiderate ways.
  • I want your forgiveness.
  • I need your help.
This month I repeated the mistake I have made with every social medium. I got excited about new opportunities to share among a new network of people who value my perspective. I spoke without first listening closely to others. This was an unfortunate mistake. I poorly represented myself, those who believe in me, and those who have welcomed me in their lives.

I offer you my apology; I ask  for your forgiveness.

My over sharing was inexcusable. After the break, I provide the unrelenting ramblings that you expect of me. These are the reasons I think and act this way. This is why I yell and how I think. This is who I am.